Enterprise introduction
Zhejiang Minghuang Natural Food Development Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and a national agricultural leading enterprise committed to the research, development, production, sales and service of instant tea and various alternative tea plant extracts. Founded in 1980, the company takes instant tea as the leading product, supplemented by other alternative tea plant extracts, with an annual production capacity of 6000 tons.
The company now covers an area of 65259 square meters, a building area of 43534 square meters, and a core tea garden base of more than 100000 mu. It has four instant tea production workshops, two tea production workshops, one concentrate workshop and one matcha tea production workshop; It has a provincial postdoctoral workstation and a municipal expert workstation; It has many research platforms, including the provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center for plant extraction, the provincial agricultural enterprise science and technology research and development center, the provincial tea deep processing research and development center, the provincial enterprise technology center, and the national tea deep processing science and technology and achievements transformation demonstration base.

Company history

New Kombucha fermentation production line.
New Longyou Yellow Tea Processing Exhibition Center.
Establishment of enterprise research institute.
Minghuang Yellow Tea Company was established to build a domestic leading automated and clean tea production line.
In 2017, Establish Minghuang Jiufeng Mountain Green Tea Garden Base.
In August of the same year, Zhejiang Minghuang was listed on the new third board
In July of the same year, it became the teaching experimental base of Tea Department of Zhejiang University
The company's share reform changed its name to Zhejiang Minghuang Natural Food Development Co., Ltd
BIB canned production line for plant extract concentrate.
To build the matcha production line in the clean area.
Organizational structure reform, sales and R&D in Hangzhou .
Introduce partners and establish Longyou Minghuang Natural Food Development Co., Ltd., a Sino US joint venture.
Started international import and export business, and the products are mainly exported to the United States, Europe, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and other countries and regions.
Cooperated with the Tea Department of Zhejiang University to develop deep processing of tea and successfully developed instant tea products
Minghuang Company was established
Corporate culture
To make life more quality
To be the leader of tea and healthy plants and their products
Core values
Team, efficiency, development and innovation
Work style
Dedicated, diligent, vigorous, pioneering and innovative, daring to be the first
Business philosophy
Ingenuity, quality, customer achievement, sharing and win-win
Employment philosophy
Virtue first, ability first, industry excellence, and performance excellence
Brand layout
1) World famous beverage enterprises - designated suppliers of tea powder, plant concentrate and plant solid beverage
2) Abundant and diverse natural plant raw materials, customized R&D support enterprises commercialization
1) Find thousands of tea and make good things
2) Tea raw materials, production, R&D, and commercial integration of tea catering products
1) Forerunner of special yellow tea
2) The original mountain tea from 1391 meters above sea level is essential for tea drinking
1) Technology enables wonderful working days
2) Funny, interesting, tasteful, and enjoy every cup with rich black technology
Social responsibility
The mature enterprises are not only committed to business operation and enterprise development, but also have a strong sense of social responsibility.
Emperor Ming advocates the extensive and profound Chinese tea culture. Today, when traditional tea is difficult to adapt to the market, Emperor Ming is determined to thoroughly change the production mode of the tea industry to make it better adapt to the needs of todays society, inherit Chinese tea in a new way, and promote it worldwide.
In line with the serious attitude and rigorous pursuit of food safety, Minghuang has continuously strengthened the construction of the quality control system and the promotion of the concept of food safety, aiming to create a safe and secure food environment and make sincere contributions to the good life of the public.