Care for autistic children, let love be with the stars
Time : 2015-12-29

They have bright eyes, but refuse to look at others; They have normal hearing, but they turn a deaf ear to the call of their relatives; They can speak normally, but do not communicate with others; They may be regarded as mentally retarded, but they are often gifted in some fields... They are a group of special children - children with autism (also called autism). In western countries, they are called "children of stars" - like stars, flickering in another world alone.

April 2, 2014 is the seventh World Autism Day. This day is "Children's Day" for autistic children. The United Nations set such a day to remind people that there is still such a group of people around us. I hope the whole society can understand.

On April 2, the company publicized the activity of "participating in the blue action  caring for autistic children" through enterprise QQ groups, hanging blue ribbons and other ways, calling on everyone to mobilize their relatives and friends to care for autistic children together and inject more warmth into the city.