Join a total of five water treatment to build eco homes Minghuang environmental action - power of five water treatment"
Time : 2015-12-29
In 2014, in the province to promote "five water governance (sewage treatment, flood prevention, drainage water, protect water supplies, grasping water-saving" under, the company responded positively to the called on the government, with high sense of responsibility and practical action, to actively participate in a total of five water treatment engineering, water ring governance environment with a strength. Action: a response to the call, begin from me, to be the pioneer, devotees of flood control. In the first dragon business conference in April 2014 4 held meeting of five water governance public welfare activities in the enterprise public commendation, my company donated 50000 yuan, for the maintenance of clean river village, companies are also involved in river regulation management work. Action 2: consciously abide by the laws and regulations, in strict accordance with the standards for discharge of wastewater, abandoned, waste, and earnestly do a good job in water management, strive to be a flood of practitioner. Through a series of measures to strictly control the sewage treatment, to ensure the discharge standards, regulation and orderly production, stabilize the sewage treatment system capacity; through the additional sewage treatment secondary sedimentation tank barrels, improve the sewage treatment capacity; through the development of sewage source control measures and assessment, standardize the sewage treatment and control of the work. (figure for the company water cycle treatment pool)