Learning first aid knowledge to improve the ability of self-help and mutual aid
Time : 2015-12-29
In order to improve the staff of emergency rescue and disaster prevention ability to hedge, 2014 July 24 morning the company invited Longyou County Red Cross will Zhan Chen teacher (now Longyou vice president of the Chinese medicine hospital) to the company on-site emergency rescue knowledge training, company managers, production line operators, logistics personnel are encouraged to register to participate in the training activities. A day of training, the instructor for first aid knowledge, CPR, on-site trauma emergency cases of rescue and disaster accident rescue and other aspects of the knowledge and skills of teaching, use case, video, CPR training, on-site trauma and interactive way to deepen the students their understanding of knowledge and practical operation of emergency rescue rescue skills and master, and the teacher was likely to be in the production operation process of employee heatstroke, scald accident to explain the details of the emergency measures, students can apply their knowledge, master the correct method and procedure of emergency rescue, emergency process to avoid all kinds of wrong operation, and to improve the self rescue and disaster prevention ability.