To promote the five water treatment work together to create ecological homeland
Time : 2015-12-29
On the morning of 22 July 2014, Longyou County Federation of trade unions, Longyou Xiaonanhai town government related to the leadership to company "five water co governance" propaganda lectures, in the organization of company deputy general manager Yan Jinrong, management personnel, shop operator, logistics staff actively participated in the activities. Meeting, the County Federation of trade unions fansu Qin comrade (bottom left) read "a total of five water treatment, to build eco home" of the proposal, stressed that a total of five water treatment, environmental protection need to start from you and me, the life bit by bit from the start. Subsequently, we watched the five water cohabitation, eco homes built model village -- he Tamura eco home construction trailer, learning He Tian Cun in the process of construction of eco homes, take on the garbage, the village green construction, new rural culture publicizing and other a successful initiatives. Finally, deputy general manager Yan Jinrong at the meeting on initiative to protect the environment, care for the environment, scientific and reasonable disposal of rubbish, strictly control the production of sewage, five water governance, environmental protection, construction of ecological home is everyones responsibility! Through this training, we are more profound understanding to importance and urgency of environmental protection, by watching a model village -- He Tian Cun in ecological and environmental protection to implement the various measures and system, everyone is the great inspiration, said that in the future work and life increasingly to pay attention to environmental protection, job classification of garbage and effective treatment, to build eco home to make their own modest.