Improve the awareness of safety precautions. Safety production is more important than Mount Tai
Time : 2015-12-29

At 8:00 a.m. on July 24, 2014, the relevant leaders of Longyou County Safety Supervision Bureau and Xiaonanhai Town Government of Longyou County came to the company to carry out the propaganda and implementation of safety production knowledge. The company's management and production line employees actively participated in this activity.

Xu Hanwei, Section Chief of Longyou County Safety Supervision Bureau (the first on the right of the figure below), publicized and implemented safety production knowledge around the rights and obligations of employees, common illegal operations (ignoring safety warning, no protective measures, fatigue operation, drunk operation, improper operation, etc.), and the importance of troubleshooting safety hazards, and occasionally cited one by one due to illegal operations The tragic accident cases caused by weak safety awareness will alert everyone to the importance of safe production. In the course of the lecture, Chief Xu constantly stressed that safety production, on the one hand, requires the enterprise to do a good job in the maintenance and inspection of daily safety production facilities, provide a safe production environment for employees, do a good job in safety warning slogans, increase the publicity of safety knowledge, improve employees' awareness of safety production and self-protection, and ensure their personal safety; On the one hand, it is necessary for employees to improve their awareness of safety precautions, achieve safe production, take protective measures and operate according to regulations.

During the training, Yan Jinrong, the executive deputy general manager, made a statement on behalf of the company, saying: 365 days a year, every day is a safe production day! The company will pay more attention to safety production, strengthen safety inspection, and ensure production safety and personnel safety! Now is the hot summer season, especially for the production line employees, they must operate in a standardized manner, and do a good job of protection. The employees who work at high temperature and in the open air should do a good job of heatstroke prevention and cooling. We should go to work happily and go home safely!

Through the publicity and implementation of this training, the awareness of safe production and self-protection of the trainees will be improved, especially for the production line operators, who must operate in accordance with the regulations and operate carefully, and not careless and careless about safe production and self-protection, so as to ensure safe production and personal safety< img src="/upload/201512/29/201512291840065283.jpg" alt="" />