Organize summer tug-of-war to promote team cooperation
Time : 2015-12-29

"One two, come on", "one two, come on", bursts of cries spread from the plant area of Minghuang Company, adding vitality to this summer morning. Are there any interesting activities? Let's go and have a look——

At 8:00 a.m. on July 30, 2014, the third Minghuang Cup tug-of-war competition was in full swing on the company's main road. Although the summer is hot and the morning sun has begun to rise, this cannot stop the enthusiasm of the members of the Ming Emperor to participate in the tug-of-war! Even the cicadas and insects on the big tree were also affected by the enthusiasm of the people, and "cicadas" and "cicadas" gathered in the excitement.

Thirty-two people from the front-line staff of the workshop and logistics staff signed up to participate in the competition. At the event site, the men and women players were randomly divided into two groups by drawing lots. The team members selected the team leader, and named their team and made slogans to boost morale. For a time, the team members were enthusiastic and joined the game with the determination to win. Before the start of the competition, the referee Xu Jianqiang explained the competition rules and precautions, and repeatedly emphasized "safety first, friendship second, and competition third".

In the first game, the position of the "Little Monster Team" led by Wang Jianping, the warehouse keeper, and the "Altman Team" led by Fang Xiaoliang, the procurement manager, were determined by the team leader's drawing lots. Under the command of the referee Xu Jianqiang, "prepare, start", the trumpets and shouts came and went, and the players on both sides were all fighting high, clenched their teeth, and pulled back with all their strength. The central red rope swung from side to side, but as the "Altman team" suddenly started, the "Altman team" easily won the first set. With the experience of the first set, when the teams of both teams exchanged places in the second set, the captains of the two teams adjusted the positions of their team members. The "Little Monsters" were full of confidence and did not lose heart because of the loss in the first set. With the order of the referee, the second set began nervously. This time, the goddess of victory still pointed the halo at the "Altman team"! The "Altman team" won an overwhelming victory and burst into cheers of victory.

At the end of the competition, Zhong Liping, the assistant general manager of the company, personally awarded the competition bonus of 560 yuan for the champion team and 320 yuan for the Asian army. So far, the event has ended successfully!

Through this tug-of-war competition, it not only enriched the cultural life of employees, enhanced the cohesion of the company, but also gathered the unity of the company, enhanced the team spirit, and displayed the positive spirit of the company's employees< img src="/upload/201512/29/201512291838366640.jpg" alt="" />