Sharing the delicious food of the Lantern Festival is a delicious tweet.
Time : 2022-05-26

The Lantern Festival, also known as the Little First Moon, the New Year's Eve or the Lantern Festival, is the first important festival after the Spring Festival. China has a vast territory and a long history, so the customs of the Lantern Festival vary across the country, including eating Lantern, watching lanterns, and dancing dragons, Lion dance is an important folk custom of the Lantern Festival. When the Lantern Festival comes, let's see how the Ming Emperor people celebrate the Lantern Festival

To carry forward traditional Chinese culture and better create a harmonious and warm holiday atmosphere, on this Lantern Festival, The canteen of the company provided Yuanxiao Tangyuan for the people of the Ming royal family. After eating this bowl of Tangyuan, we hope our life will be sweeter in 2022

The Lantern Festival is a celebration of the Chinese people's desire for a complete reunion, wrapped in rolling glutinous rice balls It is a wonderful hope, The concern for happiness is here. Minghuang naturally wishes you lovely friends: sweet, happy, wishes come true, round and happy Lantern Festival