Childlike innocence and happiness on June 1. Review of Minghuang's natural June 1 activities.
Time : 2022-06-28

Childhood is a box of watercolors, colorful and colorful childhood is a cartoon, and new fantasy ideas are born. In this day full of childlike fun, Minghuang Natural organized employees to carry out a circle theme activity of "childlike innocence, happy June 1", The employees of Hangzhou Company and Longyou Company held the activity at the same time with a lot of laughter. Let's watch together

The preparation before the event is full of atmosphere~

When we were young, we always thought about when we could grow up, and when we grew up, we were thinking about how to return to childhood. Today, we put on the red scarf again, as if we were back in primary school. Let's "circle" together and be happy

Prepare, aim, throw A series of actions are coherent and straightforward, and each hoop moves through the air. The cheers, applause and cheers in the field are constant. Everyone exchanges hoop skills, cheers each other, and shares the joy of harvest. The festival atmosphere is rich and warm

The bigfamily has both rewards and happiness. We don't want to be adults today, so we want to be carefree babies

The performance of voice and color made the kids laugh, making everyone seem to be back to childhood

Today, we are all children, with childlike innocence, childhood and youth.I hope that in the future we will celebrate June 1 every year

Finally, I wish the old children of Minghuang a smooth and happy work and look forward to next year's June Day!