Activity review | Minghuang Natural carried out first-aid knowledge training and fire emergency drills.
Time : 2022-05-26

In order to further improve the first aid ability and fire safety emergency handling ability of the whole staff, in the afternoon of May 19, Minghuang Natural Company invited Mr. Chen, the provincial Red Cross rescue trainer Qiu Linglong, the propagandist of Longyou County Fire Rescue Brigade, carried out scald first aid knowledge training, fire knowledge explanation and simulation exercise activities

This training is mainly aimed at how to conduct scientific research on possible emergencies in daily work and life Self-rescue and rescue, The professional medical staff introduced the on-site rescue methods of various emergencies to the trainees through on-site explanation. Through this training, the staff's response ability to emergencies and accidental injuries was improved

The training combined with several recent fire accidents, conducted fire safety training for participants Ideological education, explaining the inspection of fire hazards, initial disposal of fire Common sense and precautions for fire safety such as fire escape and self-rescue, and demonstrated the correct use of fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment

After the training, the evacuation drill was carried out on the site, and all participants completed the evacuation of the personnel quickly and orderly Evacuate safely and drill to achieve expected results

After that, the propagandist introduced the use methods and precautions of fire extinguishers to everyone, and guided the participants Conduct practical use of fire extinguishers

Fire safety is the top priority, and Minghuang Natural will continue to take fire safety precautions seriously work, strengthen theoretical knowledge, strengthen operational skills, and improve professional level, In case of emergency, they can orderly protect their own life safety and the company's property safety