Product Introduction:

Black tea fungus is a natural fermented tea beverage with moderate sweetness and mellow aroma, which is brewed from black tea(or green tea, oolong tea, scented tea, etc.), white granulated sugar(or rock sugar, honey)and water with probiotics added, through constant temperature liquid fermentation.

Black tea fungus products are rich in organic acids, tea polyphenols, caffeine, vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides, and gluconic acid, and other bioactive substances. Add multiple benefits such as plant raw materials, fermentation and probiotics.

Product advantages:

Zhejiang Minghuang has been groping for many years. On the basis of a large number of bacteria combination and process combination, with standardized fermentation model and unique continuous fermentation technology, the industrial production of "Kombucha" has been realized. It solves the problems of the traditional fermentation process, such as contamination of miscellaneous bacteria and large quality fluctuation.

In addition to the fermentation of traditional tea extracts, through the unique continuous fermentation technology, it can also provide the customized service of fermentation products with designated plant raw materials.

Processing method:standardized fermentation model, continuous fermentation technology

Extraction source:jujube, white granulated sugar, water

Application form: It can be used for pure black tea fungus fermented beverage, and also can be used to mix various kinds of mixed drinks, fruit drinks, solid drinks, flavor jelly and other drinks and foods.

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Organic acid (calculated by lactic acid)

Organic acid(lactic acid)


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