Jinbaomiao Tea Low Coffee Flavor Tea Solid Drink

New low coffee tea < Span>Reward the taste buds and drink as you like

Supercritical decaffeination technology removes caffeine from tea90%

Three kinds offashionflavor, one box for drinking

Light tea is three times sweet, and low coffee is good to drink

For you who pay attention to your figure, 0sucrose and 0fat are the minimum standards for you

Rose lychee black tea: a mouthful of rose fragrance can find friends everywhere

Jasmine green tea: light jasmine fragrance, lie down with Ge You

Green tea with lime: refreshing and refreshing

FancyDIY, you deserve your personality

Twist the milk bottle to change the flavor of milk tea in seconds

If you want to be different

Cocktail and sparkling water will be the source of your creation

Boutique recommendation