Product Introduction:

Minghuang herbal extract series products can be divided into herbal solid drinks, cereal solid drinks and plant drinks, covering most of the plants (including edible roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits) that are of the same origin in Chinese medicine and food or are allowed to be used by the state.

Product advantages:

Minghuang strictly screens the raw materials directly from the origin, uses static extraction, ultrafiltration membrane technology, low-temperature membrane concentration technology and aseptic automatic filling system to ensure stable quality, and its products are widely used in bottled drinks, substitute food and catering industry.

Processing method:

Solid drinks:raw material blending, extraction, filtration centrifugation, concentration, blending, sterilization, spray drying.

Plant beverage:raw material mixing, extraction, filtration and centrifugation, concentration, preparation, sterilization and filling.

Extraction source:Siraitia grosvenorii

Application form:

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Raw material classification

Fruit class

Instant Luohan Fruit Powder

Medicines and foods are homologous

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